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Action Prompts
There are three types of Inpatient Medications “Action” prompts that occur during order entry: ListMan, Patient/Order, and Hidden Action Prompts.
 ListMan Action Prompts:   + Next Screen
                           - Previous Screen
                           UP Up a Line
                           DN Down a Line
                           > Shift View to Right
                           < Shift View to Left
                           FS First screen
                           LS Last Screen
                           GO Go to Page
                           RD Re Display Screen
                           PS Print Screen
                           PT Print List
                           SL Search List
                           Q Quit
                           ADPL Auto Display (on/off)
 Patient/Order Action Prompts:   PU Patient Record Updates
                                 DA Detailed Allergy/ADR List
                                 VP View Profile
                                 NO New Orders Entry
                                 IN Intervention Menu
                                 PI Patient Information
                                 SO Select Order
                                 DC Discontinue
                                 ED Edit
                                 FL Flag
                                 VF Verify
                                 HD Hold
                                 RN Renew
                                 AL Activity Logs
                                 OC On Call
                                 NL Print New IV Labels
                                 RL Reprint IV Labels
                                 RC Recycled IV
                                 DT Destroyed IV
                                 CA Cancelled IV
 Hidden Action Prompts:   LBL Label Patient/Report
                          JP Jump to a Patient
                          OTH Other Pharmacy Options
                          MAR MAR Menu
                          DC Speed Discontinue
                          RN Speed Renew
                          SF Speed Finish
                          SV Speed Verify
                          CO Copy
                          N Mark Not to be Given
                          I Mark Incomplete
                          DIN Drug Restr/Guide

Source: Inpatient Medications V. 5.0 Nurse’s User Manual

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library