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"Introduction: I needed a simple document imaging system. When I looked at the legal requirements of using the VistA system, I decided to not use VistA system as my core. Instead, I have devised a simple replacement system.

How it works: When CPRS Chart performs certain activities, it broadcasts messages of its Action via a Windows messaging system. When a new note is selected for a patient, for example, a message is broadcast to all Applications of this Action. To create my system, I add brief code (~100 lines) that scans the note in CPRS for image links. If they are found, then I broad cast an additional message of an image to be displayed. I then created a separate Application that listens for these messages and displays the correct image.

I will include here the code to make this work. Select the pages below for more information:

[[Code For CPRS]Chart Code to add into VistA CPRS Chart

[[Code For CPRSImager]] Code for separate Imager

Kevin Toppenberg June 11, 2004