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The Problem List program is used to document and track a patient’s problems. It provides clinicians with a current and historical view of a patient’s health care problems, and allows each identified problem to be traced through the DHCP system in terms of treatment, test results, and outcome.

Version 2 supports primary care providers in both inpatient and Ambulatory Care settings, including physicians, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and others. It also is designed to be used by PIMS clinic and ward clerks and by PIMS coding clerks. Many data entry methods are possible with this program.

Features in Problem List • Allows one problem list for a given patient. • Tied to a coding system. • Requires minimal data entry. • Linked to other sections of the medical record, such as CPRS and Health Summary. • Supports import of problem information from other clinical settings outside the immediate VAMC. • Uses a common language of terminology, the Lexicon Utility. Each term is well-defined and understandable. A user, site, or application may substitute a preferred synonym. • Allows reformulation of a problem. • Can be interfaced with a customized encounter form.