Configuration How To Allocate Keys

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There are several ways to allocate Security Key:

  1. After you create a new user, you can answer YES to allocate Security Keys.
  1. There is a menu option [XUKEYALL] to allocate keys. It is normally accessed by invoking the menu EVE from ^XUP, or having EVE as a Primary Menu Option, and then using the menu [XUMAINT] ie: "Menu Management ..." and then the menu [XUKEYMGMT] ie: "Key Management ...""

A typical dialog may look like the following:

Select Key Management Option: ALLOcation of Security Keys

Allocate key: AAA

Another key:

Holder of key: USER,TEST
Another holder:

You've selected the following keys:


You've selected the following holders:


You are allocating keys.  Do you wish to proceed? YES//

AAA being assigned to:

Select Key Management Option: