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A dialog is a list of items/actions/sentences that can be used to collect patient data and create Progress Note text. By clicking on checkboxes, you can indicate what actions were taken during an encounter. These dialog items are based on guidelines at your site and how your Reminder Managers define the reminders and dialogs.
A dialog is an entry in the Reminder Dialog file. The entry may be a dialog element, a dialog group, an additional Prompt, a result element, or a result group.
Autogenerated components are based on the additional Prompts defined in the Finding Type Parameters. Once a dialog element is autogenerated, the sites can modify it. Dialog elements may also be instructional text or a header. The FINDING ITEM and components are not defined in dialog elements.

Source: Clinical Reminders V. 2.0 Manager's Manual

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library