How Do I Sign My Orders In CPRS?

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CPRS is an acronym that stands for Computerized Patient Record System. It is the clinician's order entry system for VistA. After an order is made, the next question might be, how do I sign my orders in CPRS?

There are several relevant details that answer this question:

  • to make it easier and faster for clinicians, they are not expected to sign after making each order, but rather signing can be done for several orders at the same time. They will be visible as unsigned orders in the CPRS Orders Tab with the word **UNSIGNED** after the name of the order. There will also be a note in the status bar of CPRS (the bottom text of the window) that will say "Order requires electronic signature" with a button labeled "Next".
  • Orders will not be released to any other person until they are signed. This means that orders will be in a unreleased state until this happens. Any orders in an unreleased state are only visible to people who are authorized to sign them.
  • A clinician can sign an order at any time using the "Review/Sign Changes" submenu under the File Menu in the menubar of CPRS.
  • A clinician can also sign an order by clicking the button labeled "Next" in the status bar of CPRS.
  • A clinician can also sign an order by right-clicking the mouse on the order.
  • When you change patients, CPRSCPRS will auomatically ask you to sign any orders that haven't been signed yet. If you don't sign them, they will be held until signed.
  • When you first start CPRS, There will be a notification list on the initial screen where you choose a patient. Orders can be signed there as well.

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