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Q: How to set up a menu to launch the Add-Edit Patient function?

A: Below...

OK. I'll try to walk you through it.

But first, before we build the menu structure, you can launch the functionality directly from the command line. That way you can see if the function does what you want, and that it actually works.

Type EDITPT^TMGMISC(1), with the name TMGMISC replaced with whatever the filename you saved it in.

If that function does what you want, lets build a menu so it can be run more easily in the future.

OK. First some background. "Menus" are collections of "Options". There are some 9000+ options that come with VistA. You can add your own.

Do the following: Login with: do ^XUP choose option: EVE then type MENU, then OPED (for the screen-based option editor).

When prompted for: "Selected OPTION NAME", then enter the new name of a menu option (you will be creating a new one.) Again, this should be namespaced. I chose the name: "TMG EDIT/ADD PATIENT".

You will be asked if you are wanting to create a new OPTION entry. Answer Yes.

You will then be shown a screen that hold the info for the menu option. Use the tab key to jump between fields. Tab to the "Type" field, and type "Action". Then tab to the "Related Fields" field, and enter "YES" and press <Enter>.

You should then be prompted for "Entry Action to Execute". In this field enter DO EDITPT^TMGMISC(1) Again, the TMGMISC will be replaced with whatever filename you put the routine into.

After you have created the option, you need to then put this option into a menu. It sounds like you have OR CPRS GUI CHART as your primary menu. You will need to have a secondary menu setup so that when you log in with a terminal session, VistA will know which menu to show you. You can create your own menu (a collection of options) or edit a prior existing one. For now, lets put it into the EVE menu.

First edit your user and add EVE as a secondary menu. (Only do this for trusted users). I am assuming you know how to do this. I think it is in Nancy's instructions.

Next we will edit the Eve menu.

So log in: D ^XUP choose option: EVE Then type: Menu, then OPED. Then choose EVE as the menu option to edit. Tab to the "Related fields" field and type Y and press <enter>. You should be shown all the option names that make up the EVE menu. Press the down arrow to get down to an empty field and enter the name of the new menu option you made. In my case, it was "TMG EDIT/ADD PATIENT". Then get out of this by selecting the "close" option, then "save", then "exit". Now keep pressing <enter> to back up in the menu tree until you get back to the EVE menu.

If everything went OK, then your new entry in the EVE menu should be there, and you should be ready to select it to edit demographics.

That is probably a good deal to digest. Let me know if I can help further.