Pharmacy and Therapeutics (PandT) Committee Users~

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[[Pharmacy and Therapeutics (PandT) Committee Users~|Pharmacy and Therapeutics (PandT) Committee Users
These users are the members of the hospital's P&T Committee and are assigned the P&T Committee Menu option. They will use the information in ART to review ADRs in the hospital, classify them as significant reactions, and determine whether they are related to particular drugs, and depending on the Severity of the ADR, may report it further to the FDA. A printed copy of the form used to report to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can be generated by ART. Automated mail bulletins will be sent to the P&T Committee users when an observed drug reaction is entered into the system.

Source: Adverse Reaction Tracking User Manual Version 4.0

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library