Why can't I see CPRS buttons ?

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User Mike Schrom asked:

Minor problem running Windows clients: Some of the buttons, like OK and Cancel are not visible even when I maximize the window. I just assume they are there and they work, but how do I display them?


CPRS in versions prior to 27 seems to have major issues with anything besides the "standard" Windows font size. It will have problems when using certain font sizes as system fonts in MS Windows. It also is dependent upon the video resolution. It is known to have problems when using a 120 DPI setting and large fonts. Changing MS Windows back to the "Normal" 96 DPI font has been known to solve the problem. The CPRS fonts can be difficult to read with this setting.

Of course, your computer might also be near one of them thar' gravity-wells, too! Shoot (I hate when that happens)!