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Word Processing Data Type
Similar to free text in that any characters can be entered; however, there is no limit to the amount of text that can be entered. The built-in word processor in the VISTA System is an elemental line-oriented type of system that is easy to use. Help messages are available to you. There are two characteristics of the line editor that may not be obvious. Text will not wrap around; therefore, it is best to track the cursor on the screen and press the Return key to begin a new line. Secondly, while a line of text is being entered, the only editing permitted is through the use of the DEL key (to delete characters to the left of the cursor). However, once an entire text is entered, it can be edited with the Replace technique.

Replace Technique:
For example, you enter the following:
l>This is an example of how to use the REPLACE< Enter>
2>technique to edit text entered by you.< Enter>
3>< Enter>
After you have entered the text, the system gives you the option to edit the text line by line. Your input is in bold.
Edit Option: EDIT line 1 < Enter>
l>This is an example of how to use thye REPLACE
REPLACE thye < Enter> WITH the < Enter>
The system returns the corrected piece of text.
l>This is an example of how to use the REPLACE
Edit Line: < Enter>
Other features of the Replace are:
Type .”..” at the Replace Prompt to replace the entire line of text.
Type “END” at the Replace Prompt to append text at the
end of the current line of text.

Source: Adverse Reaction Tracking User Manual Version 4.0

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library