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This File contains data on employees, users, practitioners, etc. who were previously in Files 3,6,16 and others.


Packages must check with the KERNEL developers to see that a given number/namespace is clear for them to use.

  • Field numbers 53-59.9 reserved for Pharm. & Nodes and X-ref 'PS*'.
  • Field numbers 70-79.9 reserved for Radiology & Nodes and X-ref 'RA*'.
  • Field numbers 720-725 reserved for DSSM & Nodes and X-ref 'EC*' and 'AEC*'.
  • Field numbers 740-749.9 reserved for QA & Nodes and X-ref 'QA*'.
  • Field numbers 654-654.9 reserved for Social work & Node 654 and X-ref 'SW*'.
  • Field numbers 500-500.9 reserved for mailman & Node 500 and X-ref 'XM*' and 'AXM*'.