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I am the current editor for Ubuntuguide, Kubuntuguide, and Ubuntu Doctors Guild (with the help of the excellent contributions by the users who add them). I also created the (K)Ubuntu-derived Ubuntu-Med system.

I am currently interested in distributed networks ("cloud computing") using Debian/Ubuntu/Kubuntu, especially using the Logical Volume Manager, RAID, and datacenter management tools that are useful for small and medium size businesses.

I am an advocate for open-source (GPL-licensed) software solutions in health care, as a basis for a United States national health care system. I serve on a national standards committee regarding Health Information Technology in the US.


I originally wrote software and software documentation for a large aerospace project and then for several military projects.

I was a UNIX and VMS user in the 1980s and networked two large organizations during the network protocol (TCP/IP) standardization period of the late 80s. I then made a detour to MS Windows for 10 years. Recently I have used Debian/(K)ubuntu over the past 4 years, on a network of triple boot systems (which includes multiple Windows-based boxes).

My home is wired using LinuxMCE (Media Center Edition) 7.10 running on Kubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), X10 controllers, surveillance cameras and motion detectors, and distributed multimedia.

My medium-large organization (which is healthcare-related) uses Ubuntu servers with Kolab for groupware, Drupal for collaborative web content, MediaWiki as a wiki, and WorldVistA as an electronic medical record system. We have also used DAViCal as a group calendar server, with Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightning and Sunbird as clients. I have a medical degree and advanced medical certifications (I am a surgeon), as well as several other advanced degrees (biochemistry, cell biology). I regularly collaborate with state and national governmental agencies (in the US) regarding health information technology standards and certification.

I also regularly contribute to Wikipedia, especially on specialized software topics, including electronic medical records (and wrote most of the original articles there concerning VistA and EHRs).

Most of my philosophy in life comes from Buckaroo Banzai.

My (public) e-mail is perpsectiveoffice at yahoo dot com (although I only check it about once a month). Call me if you have questions.