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Verifier Users
These are designated users by the site who verify the correctness of the data in ART. The Verifiers are designated when the Information Resources Management Service (IRM) allocates the GMRA-Allergy VERIFY Security Key to a user and assigns the ART Verifier Menu. The Verifiers may be clinical pharmacists, dietitians, or other clinical personnel. Automated mail bulletins will be sent to the ART Verifiers when an Allergy/adverse reaction has been entered and signed (completed) by a user. Verification may be important in Observed instances of adverse drug reactions where a Quality Assurance (QA) investigation may be conducted. In general, it is a good principle to have someone verify all of the data entered into ART.

Source: Adverse Reaction Tracking User Manual Version 4.0

This is a Glossary term from the VistA Documentation Library