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{{MUMPS/Explains|explaining MUMPS Functions within}}
{{MUMPS/Explains|explaining MUMPS Functions within}}
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This category includes all pages explaining MUMPS Functions within  the MUMPS VistApedia sub-site.
Some companion Categories are Category:MUMPS Template, Category:MUMPS Command, Category:MUMPS Intrinsic Function, Category:MUMPS Intrinsic Variable, Category:MUMPS Extrinsic Function, Category:MUMPS Extrinsic Variable, and Category:MUMPS Library Function. Super-categories include Category:MUMPS Function, Category:MUMPS Variable, Category:MUMPS Local Variable, Category:MUMPS Global Variable, Category:MUMPS Multi-Processing, Category:MUMPS Concepts, and Category:MUMPS I/O.

This category currently contains no pages or media.